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affiliate marketing


From facts to figures, we now
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With promising technological advancements, transformations, and easy accessibility to the internet, businesses everywhere are growing more responsive, more agile, and more mobile.



The evolving

has become the cradle of a multitude of avenues for entrepreneurial innovation. And of late, affiliate marketing has come out as one such lucrative innovation.

Affiliate marketing is a well-known strategy to drive sales and create a substantial online income. Incredibly valuable to brands and affiliate marketers, and the marketing tactic now is at the helm of many successful campaigns and plays an instrumental role in deriving desired results. Put simply, affiliate marketing is a marketing practice by which affiliate marketers can earn commission on every lead they generate for the products or services offered by another company.


Affiliate marketing involves three main parties:

  • 01
    Service provider: The service provider is the one who manufactures a product or provides a service.
  • 02
    Affiliate: The affiliate can be anyone, from an individual to a business. Their primary responsibility is to create content that generates interest for the service provider and customer.
  • 03
    Customer: Customers are the people who purchase the product or service provided by the service provider through the affiliate’s website.

Affiliate marketing follows a simple step-by-step process:

  • Step 01
    An affiliate shows an ad for a product offered by a company on their website.
  • Step 02
    A user clicks on the ad
  • Step 03
    The user is then redirected from the affiliate’s website to the company’s website
  • Step 04
    The user purchases on the website
  • Step 05
    Affiliate marketers record the transaction
  • Step 06
    The company validates the purchase as authentic
  • Step 07
    The affiliate earns a commission on the purchase made by the user

Along with creating earning opportunities for affiliates, affiliate marketing also creates a win-win situation for both brands and consumers.